Simplicity 3673

A couple of weeks ago I made this dress. I still have to hem it, but don't know yet what length I like. It is a very nice pattern, and really easy to make. The only thing is it turned out to be just a tad too wide. I made the usual size 12, which normally fits me like a glove. I plan on wearing it in the winter with a white or black turtleneck.

I think wearing something underneath will fill out the room I have around the waistline. And one needs some room to breath and move, right?
The fabric is Queen of hearts velveteen by Anna Maria Horner

Only the bodice part of the dress is lined with Bemberg. If I should make this dress again I will line the skirt part too. 

Looking at this picture now I guess I also have to add a hook and eye above the zipper :)

This picture shows pretty good how much room the dress has around the waistline. We will see, maybe I will add another dart or two, if a sweater doesn't fill it out enough. But that will have to wait since I have to finish two skirts, a pair of pants, a jacket, a quilt, and a blouse.


Antje hat gesagt…

Wow, das Kleid sieht toll aus! Und es sieht schwer nach Arbeit aus mit den ganzen Nähten, Abnähern usw. :)
Viele Grüße

Zora hat gesagt…

Danke! :) Die Abnaeher waren nicht zu schlimm und gingen schneller als gedacht. Und der Effekt ist es wert :)