A couple of weeks ago I upgraded on my sewing machine. In February I bought a very nice Bernina 140 Patchwork Edition. It is a very good machine in excellent shape, but since I am mostly sewing garments I started to really miss some of the utility stitches other machines have. And I wouldn't have mind some more decorative stitches as well. 

So I started to look around if I could maybe find another Bernina with more utility stitches. Bernina just came out with the new 7 series, which is absolutely out of my price range. But a girl is allowed to dream, yes?

I checked ebay for a couple of weeks to see for how much the machines usually sell. Until a couple of Bernina 430 caught my eye. I had three of them on my watching list. The first two sold for around $1.700, which again is out of my price range. But for some reason no one was interested in this one. Maybe because it didn't have the foot pedal? Who knows. I got it for just a little more than I paid for mine at the dealer. It arrived in very good shape and works perfectly. I am soooo happy about this machine. There are only two things I miss from my old one. 1.) I wish they would still cover the complete arm with stainless steel, and 2.) the small slide on boxes who work as an extension of the work space and hold all the accessories. The big slide on table is still something I have to get used to. I have the Free Hand System, but I don't care for it. So far I didn't feel the need to use it. I think I am good for a couple of years now before the next upgrade ;)

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Micka hat gesagt…

I have the same and it is just great! Happy sewing!