Skirt Collection

So I finally got a picture of me wearing the Lisette Continental skirt and blouse. I really like the colors, they are quite unusual for me. I am always more drawn to reddish colors, and this was a nice change for me. The light blue also goes very well with my white legs ;)

 This is such an easy and quick skirt pattern. And the cut is exactly my style. Two fabrics in my stash seemed to be perfect for a fall/winter skirt. The seam on the front and back is a nice touch to play around with prints, but for my two fabrics I needed a skirt pattern with a one-piece front and back. I am new to changing, not to mention drafting patterns, so the way I got rid of the seam on the front/back is probably way too complicated. I cut both panels from a leftover muslin, sewed them together, then laid it on freezer paper (I never cut the tissue paper, but trace all patterns on freezer paper) and traced around it. Voila!

This wool blend is leftover from my sew-along Thurlow Trousers (pics to follow). I lined it with blue Bemberg.

 I don't really know what kind of fabric this is. It has a tiny bit of stretch. The border print was meant to be a skirt, don't you think? I should've gotten a close up of the embroidery. The skirt is lined with some rather cheap polyester lining. It looks grey in the picture, but is actually more denim.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


Another Kyoko Dress

Last Sunday I finally had some time to take pictures of the finished projects of the last weeks. But most of them didn't turn out good enough to post here. I will do it again sometime this week. I did finish the Thurlow Trousers in time with the sew-along, and will post about it as soon as I get some decent pictures.

In the meantime another Kyoko Dress. The fabric is a very flimsy jersey with border print. I bought it off the sales rack at Denver Fabrics in Denver. (not to be confused with the website)

I am still debating with myself if I should hem skirt and sleeves or just leave 'em.  This is such an easy and quick dress pattern. And it makes for a nice casual dress.


Alma Blouse

My first go on the Alma Blouse, another great pattern from Sewaholic. It offers so many different options.

When the pattern arrived I was really excited to try it out. I knew exactly what fabric I would use, and went straight ahead to cut it. After I had cut most of the pieces already I realized, that the chosen fabric was a knit. Yay for not having to put a zipper in. I am glad for this mistake, because I absolutely love the knit version. More to follow for sure.

 I used fold over elastic for the binding. It stretched out a little too much on the left sleeve.

 Here it is with the belt.

 It is a very nice pattern for some stash busting, since it doesn't require a lot of fabric. Here is my seersucker version. The fabric was left over from my Crepe Dress.

 Invisible zip

I have two more in the making. This time around with the peter pan collar.