My first Sew-Along

Lauren from Lladybird is hosting a Thurlow Trousers sew-along and I will participate! I am very excited and  looking forward to my first sew-along. I already made two pairs of Thurlows. The first one was too small. The second one turned out pretty nice, only needs some little adjustment with the back crotch length. My skills of a cleaner finished inside of the pants still needs some fine tuning, which I am looking forward of improving with the help of Lauren and her sew-along.

I will post pictures of my two pairs of Thurlows soon. Instead two pictures of a skirt I made two weeks ago. It's really nothing special. I bought the fabric at a small local sewing supply store. A huge pile of all kinds of nice fabric for $3/pound. This seems to me to be some kind of moleskin fabric, but I am not sure. It is very soft with a nice drape. The idea for this skirt is from the book "Improv Sewing", which I absolutely love!!! The hem is three wavy lines of stitching, and fold over elastic around the waist. And some improv free motion drawing.

 Here a close up of the lines. It is a nice skirt for casual wear. It was really fun and quick to make . I am looking forward to more projects from the book.


Debra @ Improv Diary hat gesagt…

Hi! Debra here, one of the authors of Improv Sewing. I LOVE your skirt!!!So sweet and I love your choice of embellishments!!
If you like, please join our flickr group "Improv Sewing Projects" and share it with others who are doing projects from the book.

Zora hat gesagt…

Thanks Debra! I just uploaded it into the Flickr Group :) I can't wait to make more projects from your book and to share them.