About Me

Hi, my name is Kathrin. I am a horse girl obsessed with sewing, and I live with my little dog Hugo in New Mexico. I moved here in 2009 from Germany because of my job. The scenery is quite different to Germany, but I love it!

This is my little space where I write about my sewing adventures. The biggest of it all is to sew all my clothes (except the underwear, maybe later) myself. I don't like shopping and I never find the things I want. So I thought to myself "Why not just make it?!" that way I can make the style and color I want. It's a huge thing I got myself into. There are so many nice patterns and fabrics and ideas out there, that I sometimes get carried away with all the planning and end up with way too many projects on my list.

Here is what I sew with:

My first sewing machine. A Brother CS6000i. What a crappy machine indeed. It pretty much fell apart after 6 months. What I learned from this experience? If you like your hobby, and you put a lot of time and money in it, get a really good machine that lets you enjoy it. 

This is the machine I bought after the Brother fell apart. A used Bernina 140 Patchwork Edition. I don't regret one bit spending the money on this one. The difference to the cheap one is lightyears!! I still have this machine as my backup.

I bought this Singer Serger used on Craigslist. What a blessing this machine is. Even though I have to admit I am dreaming about a Bernina Serger with chain and coverstitch option. Someday! Until then this one works out perfect.

And this one is my workhorse. My Bernina Aurora 430. I bought this one from eBay for an incredible cheap price. It was one of those lucky finds. I decided to upgrade from my other Bernina because the other one is more aimed at quilters and my focus is garment sewing. This machine offers me more options in stitches I need for that purpose.

Besides all the sewing I love to play the piano, to bake, read, and watch (horror) movies.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy my blog.


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