Baby Quilt and iPad cover

Now I can finally post about the baby quilt I made for my sister's baby Ben. It finally arrived at it's destination at the East coast. Yeah! I found the pattern online at and totally fell in love with the color combination and the cute babyish dinosaur. I am not a big fan of the classic quilt patterns with the stars. It doesn't matter what color the stars have, it always reminds me of Christmas. I do have a few more quilts on my to-do-list, but I will never become a quilting fan, that's for sure. But I do like the more modern or unusual quilt patterns. And I think this one is just sooo cute for a baby.

I only did the piecing and the binding. Grace Park from Enchanted Quilting did the great quilting work. I absolutely love how it turned out with the circles. It's for sure a go to place for all my upcoming quilt projects. Thanks Grace!

Dino Baby Quilt

This is the back. Cuddly dimple dot minky. The tutorial for the binding I used is from Jeni from In color order. I am also not a big fan of hand sewing :-)

Dino Baby Quilt Back

For my mom's birthday I made her this iPad cover. She just got an iPad 3 and a bag in another Joel Dewberry design (the bag from my older sister) so this will go nicely with the bag.

iPad Cover Joel Dewberry Cotton

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. It was already late and the lighting wasn't the best.

iPad Cover Joel Dewberry Cotton

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