Everything Wristlet

Now that my closet is full with a complete wardrobe I take some time here and there to sew bags and home decorating things again. I have all these nice books in my shelf with tons of mini quilts, quilts, bags etc. Not to mention all the ideas I pinned on my Pinterest boards.

One of these books in my shelf is Amy Butler's "Style Stitches". I forgot when and where I bought the book. There are a couple of really nice bags in there, and to be honest a couple of rather ugly bags too. (in my opinion anyway) Like the Fringed Hobo Bag or the Miss Maven Ruffled Handbag. Anyway, back to the nice bags in the book. Like the Everything Wristlet. I made the small size.

Before you attempt this pattern go here for measurement corrections!

fitting to my Poppy Swing Dress

I am not a big fan of embellishments, so no useless button on top of the front flap. The pattern was quite the challenge. I had to read most steps a couple of times to figure out what she means.

The biggest challenge was sewing in the zipper. It was weird and complicated, but probably the only way to put it in there with this design. The other thing is the compartment between the card holders. I am so sure I followed every step by the letter, but I still ended up with the interfacing showing. It is very confusing at times.

 I am glad to have made the small version. It is the perfect little bag to fit in just the necessary stuff without having to much baggage.

I forgot to stitch down in the middle of the two card holders, silly me! The wristlet did not fit under my sewing machine to sew the lining in the shell. I ended up sewing it in there by hand. Well, I am getting quite good with the whole hand stitching thing. But that also means I wasn't able to topstitch around the upper edge.

Next on my list from this book is this beauty, the Blossom Handbag. I haven't decided on a fabric yet.

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