Alabama Chanin

I remember seeing the Alabama Chanin books at Barnes & Noble and looking at them briefly. Afterwards I went on their website and was enchanted by the style. But it wasn't until about three weeks ago that I finally ordered my first book, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Now my mind is set on one day making one of the gorgeous dresses myself. 

But first I have to practice on some smaller projects. I bought a second book and the basic needed tools and started with a little project from Alabama Stitch Book.

I ordered the two scissors at (it was a bit cheaper), the thread and needles are from the Alabama Chanin website. I really like that she doesn't keep it a secret how to copy her wonderful designs. And even more, offering on her website the exact same high quality tools she is using to create these wonderful garments. 

My first project were these gloves. It was a nice way to try out the stitching technique. I used some cotton jersey from my stash. I want to practice a bit before I buy the fabric from the website.

Here a close up of the embroidery stitches on the gloves. I used to do some cross-stitch embroidery when I was younger and have quite a bit leftover embroidery thread. 

The first two panels from the next project, the Reverse-Applique Corset. The outer layer is the same cotton jersey as the gloves. The underlayer is also from my stash. I didn't think these two colors would work that well together, but I really like the effect.

Here a closeup of the Reverse Applique. I am still practicing :-)

I don't have a paintbrush gun or any fabric paint (yet?), so my stenciling technique was a Sharpie marker. 

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