Crepe Dress by Colette Patterns

I couldn't wait to finally get my hands on the Crepe dress pattern and make my own version. I had seen this dotted cotton lawn fabric online and knew instantly it would make a cute Crepe dress.

I call this dress the Confetti Crepe. The ties are from Cotton Voile.

I didn't have to make any alteration on the bodice muslin. I guess I just got lucky with my built :)

Because the Cotton Lawn was very sheer I fully lined the dress. The plan was to line the whole dress in the same white cotton lawn, but I had only enough for the bodice. So I lined the skirt with the same cotton voile as the ties are. 

I used these two tutorials for lining the Crepe dress: 

Thank you guys for posting these helpful tutorials!

And because I love the dress so much and had this awesome cotton seersucker around I made another one (within a week). As you can see I do like pink!

 Here is a back view. The perfect summer dress. Fast and easy to make. More to follow :)



Meg the Grand hat gesagt…

Both are so lovely! I love all the pink - both in the polka dots/confetti and the delightful seersucker. Well done!

Angela hat gesagt…

These Crepes are really beautiful. I love all the dresses you've sewn. Thanks for linking to my post, I'm glad you found it helpful :-)

Zora hat gesagt…

Thanks! :)