Meghan Peasant by SisBoom

A couple weeks ago I made my first Meghan Peasant Dress. Here is a pic of the pattern.

Here is my version in a quilting cotton by Art Gallery. I just love the fabric. It is a perfect casual little summer dress.

 Meghan Peasant Dress Cotton Front

Here the back view. It is very easy and quick to put together. And the instructions are very well written. 
 Meghan Peasant Dress Back Cotton

For some to me absolutely unexplainable reasons I thought it would be awesome to make this pattern, which is written to be made in quilting cotton, with chiffon. Chiffon!!!! I underlined the bodice front and back with polyester lining. Which I also used as lining for the skirt part. The chiffon, as you can clearly see at the sleeves, is very sheer. I bought the polyester chiffon months ago at Walmart for $1/yard. The dress was a pain in the butt to make in this fabric, but I do really like the end result. I won't bother showing you the really unprofessional seam finishes. Since it's completely polyester I have to spray it with Static Guard, but that stuff really helps.

Meghan Peasant Dress Chiffon Front

 The back view. Both fabrics have this shimmer and it gives it a more dressy look, I think.

Meghan Peasant Dress Chiffon Back


Martha in NM hat gesagt…

Can I comment in English?

I like the dress. the sheer sleeves are really nice.

Remind me to show you all the nice fabric I have that you might like to play with sometime. I bought it years ago and I don't sew and my sister quit sewing!

Zora hat gesagt…

I would love to look through your fabric stash :)

Lauralee hat gesagt…

I know this post is old, and I hope you will see this question. May I ask about this pattern? I am making it in chiffon for a ballet costume. Would there be a way to make it a little more gathered in the front to put under a vest for a romantic costume? or is it already gathered? Your dresses are beautiful!