Colette Peony

My third attempt on a Colette pattern and my first blog post about it. I guess I have been a little lazy blogging about my Taffy blouse. But there is a picture of it in the 'Inside my closet' section. The first pattern I tried was the Truffle dress. It is one of the five patterns from the Colette Sewing Handbook, which I love. But unfortunately even after making a well fitted muslin the dress is gaping on the back...a lot! The dress lacks the hem, and the Bemberg lining has a hole that needs to be fixed thanks to the stupid zipper. I seem to have no luck with zippers, ever! The stupid zipper in my riding boots keeps braking too. I might write a blog post about it when it's done. 

Colette Patterns Peony

But back to the subject here, the Peony dress. Oh my, how I LOVE it! I made one muslin of the top part and didn't need to make any changes. The fabric I used is some kind of lightweight twill, which I bought at the Albuquerque Bernina dealer. What a lovely fabric. I intended to make a pair of trousers out of it, but am now very happy I decided otherwise. The drape is gorgeous! 

Front view with cummerbund

Colette Peony Dress Front

Back view with cummerbund. I replaced the button with two pearl snap fasteners.

Colette Peony Dress Back

 Front view without the cummerbund. Don't mind my face, I do love the dress!

Colette Peony Dress Front

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Meg the Grand hat gesagt…

It's beautiful! I love the color and the two pearl snaps instead of the buttons