My Cambie Dress

I finally got around taking some pictures of my Cambie Dress. I absolutely love this pattern and the finished dress. Although the making of this dress was interrupted by some frustration. After I had completely finished to sew in the 22" long zipper (fabric and lining, mind you), and tried it on, the zipper broke!!! Aaaargh! 

My first thought was to throw the whole thing out and start all over again, silly me! But even thou it took me a couple of days to be in the mood to replace it, I am very happy I did! In this version I didn't add the pockets. I am not a huge fan of light summer dresses with pockets.

Sewaholic Cambie Dress Front

This is for sure one of my all time favorites! And more Cambie dresses to follow! I already ordered the fabric for two or three more :)

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