My new Bernina Serger

A couple of weeks ago I found this Bernina Serger on Craigslist. Brand new, never used, for an unbeatable price. It was worth the four hour round trip and the hour spent in a little room at border control, but that's another story. 

Before I set out to buy this beauty I did a lot of research on this particular model. After reading through many reviews of  disappointed owners I was really questioning my decision. I am so glad I bought it anyway, because it is an amazing machine!

The new serger will replace my old one. Also bought via Craigslist. The Singer serger is a very good and reliable machine. I never had any troubles. The only reason why I replaced it was because this amazing opportunity came along. 

 Bernina 2500DCE

Bernina doesn't produce this model anymore. I don't even know if it was build by Bernina or by another company for Bernina. I think I read something along those lines when I did my research, but don't remember anymore. Anyway...

It has all kinds of overlock stitches including coverstitch and chainstitch. The main complaints I read were about the cover and chain stitch. I have no complaints whatsoever! 

I would not regard this machine as beginner friendly, though. It is an amazing workhorse, but a bit sensitive too. When I first tried it out I spent a considerate amount of time trying to figure out how to correctly thread the damn thing. It went crazy with me a couple of times, and I was very close of regretting buying it. But it was also after 10 pm and I had just spent four hours on the road etc. When I finally got it threaded correctly it produced impeccable stitches. 

Now that I am more familiar with the machine I don't see the threading as a problem at all. I just finished my first dress with it, including a 5mm, 3 thread coverstitch! (will be in another post, my camera gave up on my today) I am using universal needles 80/12, because I had them handy, and it is working just fine.

Converting from overlock to coverstitch isn't complicated at all. Since I have never done any coverstitching I tried on a couple of test stripes of my jersey fabric. The only thing that drives me absolutely nuts is the wooly nylon thread. Not because of this machine, but because it stinks to handle the thread. It makes wonderful soft stitches, but man do I hate to have it stuck to my hands all the time.

I have yet to try out the chainstitch, but I am not too worried about it since everything so far is working perfectly.

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sfishero hat gesagt…

Hi, I have this serger, and am finding it very stiff when I try to move the slider from coverstitch to overlock--tonight I can't move it at all. Do you have any advice? Thanks!