Xmas presents part II

I am back from my vacation and in full sewing swing. But before I start posting new projects lets catch up with part II of handmade Xmas presents. 

For my nephew/ godchild:
 Explorer Hat from "Little Things to Sew" by Liesl Gibson.

 And the matching Explorer Vest. I used snap buttons instead of real buttons, because I figured snaps would be easier to use for a child.

 Ooops, I guess I forget to clean off the markings for the back pocket. I decided against it, because I thought it might not be easy to access it.

 The lining is flannel with a science themed print. Quite fitting for little explorer, don't you think?

For my brother-in-law:
The only non handmade gift. I found this awesome leather satchel in an antique store in Albuquerque. 

 The inside is lined with some kind of velvet.

 For my older sister:
A Sew Together Bag in Moonshine by Tula Pink

 For my younger sister:
A Sew Together Bag in Acacia by Tula Pink


Kath V hat gesagt…

Love the bags for your sisters. How lucky are they!? What a great idea to have so many zippered pockets to keep stuff in. I am always digging around in my bag for everything.

colesworth hat gesagt…

3 cheers for handmade christmas ;o) I love that science fabric, a skirt or dress from that would be awesome!

Kathrin Hain hat gesagt…

Thank you! I can see a science themed dress in my future :)