My very own woven labels

I am so excited about my custom made woven labels. 

I was thinking about a way to personalize my handmade items since a while. Even though I don't sell anything (occasionally a bag ends up as a gift for family and friends) I thought how nice it would be to leave my stamp on the items I put so much time and work into.

My mind was set on woven labels, but whatever website I found they just were out of my budget. I did find some options about how to print own labels at home, but I just wasn't too happy with that idea. And then I found a post from Make it & Love it about an Etsy shop that offers affordable woven label options. Woohoo!

The shop is WorldWideLabels. They were really good in helping me choosing the colors and font for my labels. My labels arrived within the predicted time, and they look as fabulous as I thought they would.

They are folded in half with raw edges, which then will be sewn into the seam allowance. I like that it also gives me the option of folding the raw edges in and using them on top of already sewn projects. 

 This is one of the many things I've added the labels to.

And here an example on how they look added into the seam allowance. 

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