Paper Pieced Pillow

This is my first paper piecing project. A pillow case for my youngest nephew. My plan for this year is to make one for each of my nephews/ niece for their birthdays. Of course a different picture for each. 

The pattern is from the website Fandom in Stitches. 
This particular pattern can be found here 

I enlarged the original pattern by 25%, and I am glad I did. It is the perfect size for a pillow. And I can't even imagine how much fiddly work it must be in the original size. This was bad enough. 

I am really glad I tried out paper piecing. It is a lot of fun to create pictures like this one. In the beginning I had a couple of pieces I had to throw away, because I started out correctly and then put on one piece the wrong way. It took a bit to get the hang of thinking upside down. But once I got it, it went really fast.

The rest of the pillow is pieced with leftover fabric from the picture. I am really happy that my nephew loves his new pillow. Four more to go! 

 I also have several ideas with a pillow for myself, a tote, a mini quilt, and the list goes on :)

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