My second Monique dress

Just a couple of pictures of my second Monique Dress. You can read all about the first version with a review here.
I made both dresses within a week. In this second version I was able to finally tweak out the problem I had with the lining and the side seams not matching up.

The fabric is Whimsicol in Tide from Nordika by Jeni Baker

I love this border print! And my new red shoes ;)

I added black piping to accentuate the waistband.

Here a closeup of the piping.

And the inside of the dress. As with my first version I only lined the bodice. It's a 50/50 silk cotton blend.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Your dress is gorgeous! I love how you did the piping! You did a beautiful job with the dress and it looks fantastic on you! Thank you for the inspiration!

oh-mimmi hat gesagt…


Zealous Girl hat gesagt…

Stunning dress and fabric. I'm about to start my first Monique. Any tips? I intend to fully line the bodice too. :-D

Kathrin Hain hat gesagt…

Thank you all!

@Zealous Girl: as some others on Pattern Review metioned, the front and back bodice pieces don't line up at the side seams. Some fitting work needed. I used the tutorial from my Colette Patterns book to add the lining. Hope that helps.

Kim @ craftyNHmom hat gesagt…

Thank you for your honest review. I made that dress a few years ago and it was all wrong, I threw the finished dress into my scrap pile. After reading your experience I'm thinking of trying it again. Your dresses are beautiful!

Kathrin Hain hat gesagt…

Thank you, Kim! I am glad my review helped. I love my dresses, and they were well worth the extra work.

Erika T. hat gesagt…

I love it! I just got this pattern this week and can't wait to try one out. I don't like making muslins, but I think I should just to be on the safe side. I hope mine turns out at least half as nice as yours. Love the material you chose.
Erika @

Kathrin Hain hat gesagt…

@Erika I love how well the pattern works with quilting cotton. My go to pattern for all the fabulous prints out there.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your dress looks wonderful!