I am back!

I have abandoned this blog now for a very long time. Well, a lot happened since. One thing is I got a sewing machine and am now totally addicted. I am really into garment sewing and would like to replace almost all (I won't get into sewing my own pants) of my wardrobe with own creations. I also enjoy sewing home decor and bags. I just finished the top of my first quilt and I don't think I like it quite as much. I don't even want to get into trying to quilt this thing myself. I will give it away to be quilted.

Here are my projects so far in the order how I made them. Here are the projects from September 2011:

08/25/2011 My sewing machine arrived

Sewing Machine Brother CS600i

And I had to buy some other stuff too. Can't believe how much more other stuff I got since.

09/05/2011 My second project: a lunchbag for my boyfriend. 


 09/12/2011 Notebook cover

Notebook Cover

09/15/2011 Coasters

Quilted Coasters

 09/16/2011 Clutch

Party Clutch

09/18/2011 Quilted! Table runner with matching coasters

Quilted Table Runner and Coasters

iPod cases

iPod cases

Matching iPod and iPad case

iPad and iPod cases

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