Table runner a la Alabama Chanin

I can finally blog about this project. It was the birthday present for my moms 6oth birthday. 
A table runner Alabama Chanin style. They offer a complete kit on their website, but I opted on making it completely myself. Which also meant cutting out the stencil.

First I had to settle on a color combination. I chose nature as top layer and navy for the second layer. I forgot where I ordered the fabric. The stencil color is Createx Pearl Silver. It's done in reverse applique.

I used pennant felt from Alabama Chanin to cut out the stencil. I tried to find other sources who sell this kind of felt, but couldn't find anyone else carrying it in the size I needed. This is the Paisley stencil. They offer all their stencils as free downloads.

Pennant felt is a very sturdy material, which is good for a hopefully long life of the finished stencil, but a real pain to cut. I used a X-Acto knife. Make sure to also buy a big pack of blades! I used a lot for this stencil since they don't last very long on this kind of material, and one needs sharp blades to get the stencil cut as accurately as possible for clean edges. Considering how much work this is I want a very good outcome and not some sloppy cut stencil.

I applied the color with a sponge, since I don't have an airbrush set. The stencil fits twice on the table runner. I used too much color for the first application of the stencil, which resulted in the color running under the edges of the stencil. The second time was much better. I got really nice clean edges.

The embroidery is done with Coats & Clark Button Craft Thread in Slate 
It took a couple of evenings in front of the TV to finish all the stitching.


I wasn't sure if I should add a navy binding all around. In the end I settled to leave the edges raw, just like the original inspiration.

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