More Coco dresses

I made two more Coco dresses. And a fourth one is already cut out. 
The complete review of my first Coco Dress is here.

I got a bit of a sunburn there. The New Mexico sun is unforgiving. I swear I am using sunscreen. But my face isn't important here. Look at the dresses!

This is the perfectly adjusted version. The first version with the 3/4 sleeves is a size too big. 
For this one I cut a size 2 and cut out the armholes bigger. For that adjustment I usually just chop off a bit from the lower edge of the armhole after cutting out the pattern pieces. In this case I cut off 1/2. The size two sleeves still fit with a bit of stretching.  

 For this one I forgot to adjust the armholes and it is a bit snug around the shoulders and arms. What's with  armhole sizes anyway? Does everybody else have spaghetti arms?

Both fabrics are from

Just a reminder to always wear sunscreen!

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