My Minoru Jacket

Finally some pictures of my Minoru Jacket. I finished it last October, and I absolutely love it!!! The outer fabric is distressed twill in clay. I didn't interline it, because it doesn't really get that cold here and I wanted a light jacket for the fall. The one thing I didn't like is that it doesn't have pockets. After looking through a whole lot of blogs I decided to attach square pockets on top.


The collar is quite high. A scarf fits nicely in there.

It was, like all the Sewaholic patterns I've sewn so far, very easy to make. I bought the zipper and lining fabric at a local fabric store. They had a sale of fabric from an older lady who collected fabric her whole life. The guys who run this store are going through her fabric stash since two years now to get it organized, and to sort out the fabric to sell. I got two bags of fabric by the pound. It was incredibly cheap, because I only bought very lightweight silky fabrics. 

The lining for the horse lover :) Isn't that the most awesome lining fabric? Ok, I might be a little biased here :)

 The two inside pockets are from the lining fabric as well. I didn't want to have the quite heavy twill hanging on the light lining. And I don't intend to stuff anything heavy in these little inside pockets, since I have the two big outside pockets.

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Marianna hat gesagt…

Looks lovely! I like the lining: it's nice when the inside is "personal" :-)